I Made Daddy Hard

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Why isn't Daddy looking at me? I just got out of the shower and made my hair extra cute, but Daddy won't look at me! I just want you to see how cute I am but...you're too busy watching tv. (pause) What if I...oh gosh...this'll be fun. Daddy's going to yell at me soooo bad, but it'll be so much fun. Ok, ok...walking to the table...pretending to pick something up and...oops! No more towel! Daddy's looking woohooo! now will tease him with my pregnant naked body, my tasty ass! He is looking omg! MMM he is getting hard! My daddy is hard because of his pregnant lil girl! I running to my room and started to rub my clit whyle - you - my daddy spying me and i see you! you made me horny Daddy! Your daughter is rubbing her cunnie thinking of you, rubbing my wet baby pussy thinking of how hard I made you. I'm your little pregnant girl and I made you hard Daddy...mmmmmmmmmm...I'm sooo wet, so wet...Daddy...please let me be dirty...please pull me on your lap and kiss me, kiss me nasty and let me rub my hairy pregnant pussy on you... i am cuming loud while you continue spy me
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