So Easily Seduced

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American / Hawaii
303 5.0
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SirHedgehog - Top reviewer Jul 25
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What a wonderful way to spend the night, being seduced by Mom and her Sister

Your Step-Mom is super excited when her little siser comes to town and they get to spend some much needed time together. After a few drinks downtown, your Step-Mom and Aunt Natalia come stumbling in, giggling and naughty... very naughty. She can't help but notice you, her young step-son watching them... and quickly ropes you into coming closer.. Have you ever seen tits? Do you want to see mine and Aunt Natalia's? What about a pussy? We know you're a maturing boy... and you have needs and we have needs... let's help each other out.. Cum on.. wanna have fun with your dirty step-mommy and aunty? Pretty pretty please.... fuck your pretty Aunt for Mommy