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Surprise Step-Sis Facial

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256 5.0
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SirHedgehog - Top reviewer Jul 25
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What a nice way to welcome your new Sister to the family than with a nice baptism

I was minding my own business in my bedroom, watching a tv show on my laptop... I didn't even notice when my older step- brother came into the room. I didn't notice him walking through. What are you watching? I looked up and there he was. I answered and went back to watching. I could hear him doing it... AGAIN... taking his dick out of his pants... I hoped he wouldn't do this. I tried ignoring him but finally, him jacking off so close to me... I mean, gross eeww.. he's my Step-BROTHER. I am his SISTER.. You're a sick pervert, I tell him. But he doesn't care. He just keeps jerking. I go back to the show, ignoring him.. or trying to. I can't help but keep reminding him that I am his sister and he's jerking off in my room and it's very wrong... but it just seems to turn him on more... so much so that as I turn to tell him to get out of my room AGAIN... my filthy step-brother cums all over my face