The Teacher's Turn



American / Hawaii
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After Naughty Natalia comes home with an F... her Daddy punishes her. But later decides that's just not good enough. So he calls Natalia's teacher.. Miss Marcy. When Natalia comes to school the next day Miss Marcy asks her to stay after school.. and come to her office... When school is over Natalia is surprised to find herself being offered a chance to never get another F again... to keep her daddy happy...IF she will accept her teacher's punishment. She anxiously agrees... only to find herself ball gagged, handcuffed and bent over... being spanked by Mrs. Marcy... she can't get away when her naughty teacher starts playing with her wet little pussy. Mmmmhmm her Daddy DID say she was a willing little slut on the phone... in fact, this was his whole plan... to video tape this. To show him what a little slut Natalia would be for her teacher, too... Miss Marcy breaks the news to Natalia.. that now she's not only her Daddy's little school girl slut.. but also Miss Marcy's too