Freebie Tuesday

Double the Fun for Dirty Step-Daddy

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159 5.0
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SirHedgehog - Top reviewer Jul 25
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Daddy is going to need to be taking his vitamins to keep up with these two cuites

Marcy and her younger sister Natalia are very, very naughty girls... When Mommy calls and says she's going to be a few hours late that night coming home from work.. They're dirty minds get to working. Mommy DID say after all, that their Step-Daddy should put them to bed tonight. Maybe she didn't have exactly what they had in mind.. but that's okay. They don't mind keeping a naughty secret. Cum on Daddy, they beg... fighting over who will please Step-Daddy first... He likes my panties and my tits better, Marcy argues... No my tiny pink pussy, Natalia fires back. Their Step-Daddy is in heaven.. with both his little slut daughters eager to please his hard cock