Boxing Match - Lucy Purr & Angel Lee

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Angel Lee and Lucy Purr practice air punches in the corner of the gym while bitch talking about their last fights. They challenge each other to a match and are eager to get in the ring with each other while all of the guys watch! <BR><BR> On fight day they meet in the middle and have a stare down. Lucy listens to Angel's smack talk with a cool air of detachment but doesn't expect her to jabs and belly punches so quickly. Her punches aren't making content and Angel's straight shot to her head makes her tumble to the ground.  Angel stands arrogantly over Lucy and plays up her dominance. Counting to 9 Lucy can't get up to defend herself, but is saved by the bell. Crawling to her stool, she can barely focus as Angel gloats. Lucy tries to defend her fighting skills and nervously trash talks. <BR><BR> Round two commences and Angel quickly brings her down with her first punch. Counting down, she's surprised when Lucy staggers to her feet. The early victor gets sloppy and becomes dazed when Lucy makes contact with Angel's head. Repeated belly punches make Angel cower in the corner. <BR><BR> Lucy's warmed up and ready for the fight to commence. Angel thinks Lucy got lucky but is slower to get back in the ring. She can't make contact and her spars fly aimlessly in the air as Lucy corners her like a piece of prey. It's a whir of leather gloves as Angel gets crosses, hooks and uppercuts in fast succession. Down she goes as Lucy stands over her and counts. Lucy's annoyed that they ring the bell at 9 and waits to finish her off on the next round. She even brags about how she's going to take Angel down with a left hook in the 4th round. <BR><BR> These two are evenly matched and they fight it out through the bitter end. We aren't going to tell you who won but she plants her foot on the fallen opponent and does a victory pose before gliding into a schoolgirl pin with a  double bicep pose! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- boxing fetish, female fights, glove fetish, body busting, beat downs, POV fighting, female supremacy, female domination, victory pose, humiliation, blondes, brunettes, big tits, short shorts