Selling Cookies



American / Hawaii
9:56 min - Oct 25 - .MP4 - 555.62 MB - 1280x720 HD


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When Marcy takes her step-daughter door to door selling cookies for a fundraiser .... they never expected to run into such a nasty pervert. Marcy does her best to help convince the man to buy the last bag of cookies and help her daughter pay for her trip.... but he asks her coyly.. what else she has for sale. I guess Marcy is kind of a nasty pervert, too. She quickly strikes up a deal with the man... maybe he doesn't want the cookies... but if he bought the last bag... she COULD sell him... Cookie, her step-daughter. That's a deal the man can definitely work with. He invites step-mother and daughter in. Little Cookie will do anything to go on her trip. ANYTHING. Using her hands and her mouth.... it doesn't take long for Marcy to decide that Selling Cookies is A LOT more fun than any trip