Cute goth Dez kisses trans girl Nikki

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You want HIM as a partner......what a fucking joke. And so very very sad.
Good luck with the BPD Ber

Thats fucking disgusting! I know NORM has no hair, but it looks like he has no fucking teeth either :) Your trying to pass ugly old NORM off as a transgender woman.....Fuck! He is no closer to trans than you are Amberley! He's just a horney old cross dressing MALE! :O.   HEEHEE

You could have done better just walking up and down outside your apartment taking any old fuck off the street. :)

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If you are into Older women/younger women or trans video's this one will Not disappoint. Hope to see more from Dez and Niki soon!!!

Nikki and Dezarae's first appearance together. Enjoy our 5 minutes of tongue, sensuality and passion. Steamy, hot, make out sessions await you and by the end you'll be wondering where it leads