Freebie Tuesday

Fuck My Slutty Shithole


Bettie Bondage

American / USA
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I bought this fucking MASSIVE 12" dildo that I can barely fit my hands around! It's way too big for my tight pussy, despite a lot of trying, but I thought maybe I'd have a chance to fuck my ass with it. So, watch me fuck my ass with a squirting dildo first, lubing my shithole with loads of cum lube before I finger my asshole with all five fingers, working them deep into my ass while I beg you to fuck my slutty shithole and cum inside my ass. I finally am able to work the tip + a liiiitttle bit of my massive toy into my ass, before I can't take anymore! This is a welcome challenge - I know next time, you'll be watching me slide the entire length of this gigantic toy into my tight shitter