Revenge on your bitch girlfriend


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
5:37 min - Oct 15 - .MP4 - 100.61 MB


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Clip is 5 mins and 37 Seconds .Your REDHEAD girlfriend in GLASSES lets out a huge SIGH and continues to dri**nk her BEER. "Youve REALLY been getting on my nerves lately! You havnt bought me anything in what...Weeks?! Except" She takes another chug. "Maybe I should just leave you! Oh youve been acting this way because you havnt gotten SEX in weeks? HA! As if you will get any....ever again! What a joke!"She takes another chug."Hmm I do like this beer though. Am I...getting DR*U**NK...already?"She takes another chug."This is really good. Oh, and you didnt even make me dinner, huh? Just one beer? Fuck. Your the worst. No flowers. I should beat you for this! Such a SHITTY boyfriend. and you probably call me a shitty girlfriend! ha! What a joke!"She takes another chug and then holds her head a little....and then falls over and closes her eyes.After a little while she starts to come to....and holds her head and moves her hands a little. She sits up...holds her head again...and is dazed and confused. "Uhh...What was that? ...What do you mean it didnt work? huh?"She JUMPS a little...and then suddenly in a bit of a robotic voice..."Hello MASTER...What can I get for you? What can I do for you master?....What do you mean woah? Im here to serve you! Im confused...What happened? Master just tell me what you'd like me to do for you! Would you like me to make you a sandwich? or maybe you'd like me to....get you off? ;) Why do you look so suprised? Is is is it too messy in here?! Do you need me to clean?! I can clean! I dont want you to be unhappy with me master! Just tell me what you need me to do so youll be happy with me! I live to serve you! I dont get why your so suprised. Give me orders! Tell me what to do!"Your girlfriend jumps back a little and holds her head again...Back in her normal voice..."Uhg...Ive got a bad headache" She takes another sip of the beer. "What the fuck are you looking at?" She says in a BITCHY tone. Why do you look so suprised? What the fuck? I dont know what the hell is wrong with you....Why am I even with you?"She takes another sip of the beer."What? Bring the other girl back? What the hell does that even mean? Has there been another girl here?! Are you cheating on me too? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!"Before your even put on the spot...she holds her head again and moans..."Oh master...Ive got a headache. I think its because you didnt order me to do anything yet. Tell me what to do. OK...Ill clean and then make you a sandwich. Anything to please you master. What? Of course Ill stay like this..What do you mean?"CLIP INCLUDES: FEMDOM, DOMINANT FEMALE, DRINKING, PASSING OUT, MAGIC CONTROL, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, FEMALE TRAINING, TRANSFORMATION FETISH, ROBOTS, REDHEAD, EYEGLASSES, GLASSES, BITCH TO ROBOT, GIRL TO ROBOT, BITCH TO SLAVE, MIND CONTROL. *No nudity