Mind Controlled striptease


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
5:59 min - Oct 14 - .MP4 - 171.11 MB


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CLIP IS 6 MINUTES. CONTAINS NUDITY. CLIP INCLUDES: -GIRL FOR*C/E*D TO STRIP VIA MAGIC CONTROL -MAGIC CONTROL -EROTIC MAGIC -FEMALE TRAINING -FOR*C*ED STRIPPING -BOOB PLAY -BOOB MASSAGE -BIG TITS -TIT FETISH -ASS SHAKING -WHITE BOOTY -CURVY Like she always does Deanna record my lifts as shes working out...she start to hear a weird noise coming from her computer.... "What the hell is that noise..." She walks into the other room to figure out what it is... She comes back in a minute later with her arms up....like a zombie...Shes being FO*RCE*D to do this! You can see in her eyes that shes trying to FIGHT it. Whatever this thing thats forc*ing her is it made her go right back in front of her camera... Her arms go down and she grabs her head, Whatever this fo*rce is shes trying to fight it! "OMG....what is this...It hurts...Im trying to fight it!!!" Her arms go back up, this fo*rce is powerful and is really CONTROLLING her now! She seems to have turned into a ROBOT now....She says "Ill do whatever you say" in a droning voice.... She slowly takes off her T-shirt and reveals her SPORTS BRA. She removes the SPORTS BRA and starts playing with her BIG TITS, RUBBING THEM and CARESSING THEM. right into the camera for whoever is cont*rolling her. Shen then pulls down her tight YOGA PANTS and reveals her PUSSY and ASS. She shows off her WHITE BOOTY from many angles for the camera. As shes SHAKING HER ASS her mind snaps out of the control for a second and she says "whats happening...I cant...I cant stop" as her ASS is still SHAKING for the camera. "I cant stop SHAKING MY ASS. Im trying to fight it!" She says to no avail. She then says "Yes master, Whatever you say." and continues to shake her BIG ASS in a sexy but almost ROBOTIC way under this spell