Cash Nasty sploshing in the desert



American / Arizona
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Cash Nasty is a raver girl from Phoenix who sought me out for the opportunity to make some cake porn. We start out with a custom cake with "Cash Nasty" written on it. Showcasing her gorgeous ass first, she puts the cake down and takes a seat in it, smearing it around with her delicious cheeks. With the initial cake sit done, the real mess making begins. She achieves pretty thorough body coverage with cake, frosting, and whipped cream. She's obviously aware of how great her ass is, as she spends a lot of time making sure it's well covered and excellently whipped creamed. We get some great sprinkle action on her boobs and then on her ass as well, and she leaves no space uncovered. Sitting back down, she spends some time icing her lady bits gently and then even gives them some vajazling with the shiny sprinkles. I take some target practice next and blast her ass with some cupcakes, and because this is a MessyHot shoot, I glaze her face with the condensed milk facial. Gathering up all the remaining goo, she rubs it all over everything
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