Don't Jerk. Don't Cum. Pay



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YOU MUST WEAR HEADPHONES TO ENJOY THIS CLIP. PLACE YOURSELF IN A WARM, LOWLY LIT OR DARK AREA WHERE YOU CAN BE ALONE AND GIVE ME YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. This is for the better. You have to be reprogrammed to become a better slave. The phrases "don't jerk", "don't cum" and "pay" will be repeated over and over again to your conscious and (more importantly) subconscious. This will help you learn that your pleasure is not nearly as great as the pleasure of paying me. I am more important. You do not desire to jerk nor cum. You desire to pay as my money slave. You were born to work hard for me and pay me. That is what gives you pleasure. I will rewire you into a better PAYING slave. One that does not look to please himself by touching his icky penis. The only thing you will desire to reach for is your wallet to give me everything
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