Collared Slave anal domination + swallow

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Canadian / SunnyVale
2,066 5.0
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gbass1207 - Top reviewer Oct 15 2017
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SOOOOO FUCKING HOT!!!! Honestly, this vid will blow you away! Anal is my absolute favorite thing, and the pounding Amelia receives is super intense!
This clip has some great POV shots of his cock sliding into her tight ass!!! Her expressions and moans are incredible as she gets a very good anal fucking!
Absolutely perfect!!!! Then, she finishes him off with a very hot and sexy blowjob, finishing with a huge cumshot in her pretty mouth!!! Cannot recommend this one enough!!!! <3

part 2 of the collared slave vid! the final part. In this video i am completely anally dominated, f*rced to beg, and then i swallow a nice load of cum! Starts with Thor making me take every inch of his long cock in my ass, it's longer than any dick i've had before and it makes me wince. he starts pounding into me immediately, making me moan in masochistic pleasure! it feels so good that it doesn't take long for me start dirty talking some, telling him "please don't stop" and "it feels so fucking deep!!" a few times he grabs the back of my collar as he pounds me which makes me scream even more and get even wetter!! his cock makes me so crazy that i tell him "Harder!!!" Thor tells me "You want it harder? Then beg for the camera, show me how bad you want it" i immediately start begging as fast as i can and then BAM he grinds down into me so deep i start to scream! a lot more pounding later and he puts me on my knees. i stick out my tongue and he cums a nice big load all over my tongue. i swallow it down so eagerly and then suck him a little to make sure i don't miss a drop! some close up shots of him fucking my ass sprinkled in, as well as other dominating things Thor does, you'll have to see it to find out ;) ~*~*Want a B/g custom vid? email me at $11 a minute