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Gassy fart Room

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672 4.7
6:57 min - Oct 15 - .MP4 - 95.56 MB - 854x480
sad144 May 11
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After purchasing four (4) videos from this beautiful model/actress/cam star/Princeass, etc. lol, the best one was the free one 'Gassy fart Room'. This would have been a perfect six (6) review if it was not for two things that could be greatly improved on: lighting/camera angles and the resolution (854 x 480). Because of both, viewing this beautiful young woman's body is suited for a smartphone or at best a tablet. A 4K or even a 1080p video with good lighting would have clearly been a 'Top 5 Of The Year' candidate, especially when there is so little ebony farting content on this site. I counted at least six (6) real audible farts, a great view of her butt, a brief shot her vagina and some dirty talk; make up for the lack of seeing her breasts, a clear shot of her anus and the fact she looks as if she is hiding in her parent's closet. Wait the last one sounds super hot, lol.

man234543535 deleted Oct 26
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Wish I could join you in that room ;)

This is me, my gass and a small room. I am here to make you cum by watching me fart whilst I masturbate for you. Its time to be more personal to my fans.. So you see my full body, including face in this video! I hope you enjoy my cute underwear xx
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