Breastfeeding,Kissing, Suckles,rides,cum

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Part custom video (email me for customs) Request- Start off by you and husband french kissing.then husband will come and massage your breast and take off your top and suck on your breast for 10 mins, hard sucking and swallowing milk. Mommy and daddy send some much needed quality time together. To warm things up we start with some light kissing that leads to deeper kissing with tongue. You can hear the messy smacking of our lips touching and loving each others moist mouths. Hubby gets hot and starts to grope my breast as we kiss and this leads to him taking off my bra so he can take me in his mouth. My breast exposed daddy takes his turn at sucking and licking my milky tits. He takes my milk in sucking hard and making me tender but I fully enjoy it even with a little nipple pain. Hear me moan softly as he continues to have me, sucking and groping my breast. Im his and that turns him on, I ask if he's leaking pre cum in his pants because of me. "Yes" After a long suckle session this custom video was finished but we kept filming here's the extras. I get on top of hubby fully naked and he glides right into me. He suckles on my breast as I ease myself to riding daddy slowly. Things move quickly as I ride a little faster moaning more and more. I ask daddy to squeeze my milk out a little as I ride him and that only make me closer to climax.. I have to stop myself for a second and slow it down again. But What turns me on the most is making my daddy cum its the hottest thing For me pleasing him, pleases me. I ride him telling daddy to go. I ride and usually I cum moaning but this time it felt so good im left speechless as I cum only making sweet faces of pleasure as I take in hubby's cum..Once my climax and his come to an end I make sure to hump a bit to make sure he gets all his sweet cum inside me. I hope this didnt get me pregnant :O oops This is how our ANR/ABF relationship makes goes from sensual to sexual creating a closer connection for love making. ***tease riding *** Breastfeeding husband, riding cock, sucking tit, cumming, mommy and daddy time