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Bodystocking Wrestle Hump Big Inflatable

10:11 min - Oct 15 - .MP4 - 292.44 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Brittany Lynn is wearing a black nylon bodystocking and she walks into a room to see her old rival Goliath, the six foot inflatable cock. She has a past with this inflatable and the two of them have battled many times. She is now determined to get the best of him in a wrestling match. She starts to talk sweetly to him but soon changes her tune, calling him a bitch. The two then start to go at it and Brittany Lynn quickly establishes her wrestling authority. She gets Goliath in a compromising position and does some face sitting on the inflatable. She talks trash for a bit and then flips around to grind her nylon covered ass on the inflatable's face. Goliath struggles to get her back, but she is having none of it. She quickly locks her sexy nylon covered legs around him and starts to squeeze him with a scissorhold. She even does a Figure Four Leg Headlock reverse headscissors. She teases him as she says she is winning and goes on to mount the inflatable in a number of ways. As she wrestles this giant inflatable she starts to do some ass grinding and pussy grinding. Soon enough her big tits are popping out of her bodystocking and she is getting more and more tuned on. She continues to hump and buck all over the inflatable and has a huge orgasm as she does. She then declares herself the winner of the wrestling match and lets up on the inflatable dick a bit. Goliath tries to get the better of her, but she again gets the upper hand on him quickly. She flips on her back and with another scissorhold she squeezes the inflatable cock while she grinds her now wet pussy all over him. Grinding like mad she has another huge orgasm and her nylon covered pussy is now soaked with pussy juices. Goliath finally relents and Brittany Lynn knows she has won. She tells him that the two of them can have another match soon and that maybe he will best her. But, she doubts it and with a final kiss she is the clear winner of the wrestling match between her and Goliath the six foot inflatable cock. Included in this clip: Inflatables, Bodystocking, Nylons, Scissorhold, Figure Four Leg Headlock, Face Sitting, Big Tits, Ass Grinding, Pussy Grinding, Orgasms, Wrestling, Pantyhose Wrestling, Wrestling Inflatable, Goliath the Six Foot Cock, Big Inflatable, Humping Inflatable, Blondes, Brittany Lynn