Jessica Starling
Fetish Friday

Master & Kitty

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American / A Cats Butt
7,371 5.0
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crazyrockman Oct 15 2017
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Autumn is really sexy in this video and 30 mins of A+ content. If sexy and beautiful is what you are looking for, this is worth the purchase. =]

Harrper Jan 7
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This kitty is sexy. This kitty talks to you. This kitty has a soft, dreamy, mesmerizing voice. She calls you master, but in the end, you'll be the one worshiping her.

ravensman55 - Top reviewer Nov 2
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Super and sexy kitty. Great vid!

FearGrims Oct 22 2017
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Wow. What a hot and sexy video. Deffinately the best video yet of Autumn’s.

LtCrunch01 Oct 17 2017
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This video doesn't disappoint! One of her best videos! I can't recommend this one enough. You witness a goddess in her kitten form, peak sexiness!

Thank you hun!!

Delvonj Oct 15 2017
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Crazy sexy, awesome role playing. I love Autumnvondoe in videos, on cam, and she's cool as hell. 5 stars.

Thank you :`(<3

Kitty has missed master all day but she was bad while master was gone, so she gets spanks as punishment. She pleases master with her tongue. Then master teases her till she cums and begs for him to cum inside her! Lots of roleplay talk and moaning