Gearing Up & Inflating Our Rubber Gimp


Eden Alexander

American / San Francisco, CA
13:51 min - Oct 15 - .MP4 - 1.97 GB


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Join Mistress Eden & Elise Graves and witness what it's like to have a real like double domination session with these 2 elite rubber Dommes in a real San Francisco dungeon. Lucky rubber gimp Taylor Dawn is visiting from Florida and in for the time of his life as he gets zipped into a latex inflatable sleepsack and chained tightly to a wooden platform. Before he can mumble a word from his rubber hood, his body then head are quickly inflated and his plugged asshole is wired to an electro box so the 2 wicked Dommes can do as they please with him. Taunting and teasing, MIstress Eden and Elise both luxuriate in feeding off of each other's energy as they use Taylor for their sinister rubber desires... but this is only the beginning! In part 1 of 3, watch this real life, unscripted session unfold in the day light hours with nothing but the Rubber Dommes and their camera man along to tape it all in real time. Recorded live in San Francisco, watch as the lovely latex clad Dommes inflate, restrain, tease, then stimulate their rubber sub with electric pulses that shoot up his asshole! A heavy bondage and gear lovers delight! Don't you wish YOU were the lucky sub at the complete mercy of Mistress Eden and Elise Graves? What will happen next? Stay tuned for part 2