Cindy's Secret - COSPLAY

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213 5.0
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OmegaRuby - Top reviewer Nov 14
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This is a masterpiece! Definitely worth the time length and admission price. Every angle in every scene was so hot & steamy with many great shows of bush,ass,and titty with some good acting. And the finish from the BJ & sex scenes is something to really excite the fans! If you are fan of her works like I am but haven't bought this yet,please do so!

MEGA LEVEL VIDEO ~~~~~Your car has broken down, so you take it to your favorite car repair shop, Hammerhead. They take your car in and you've been waiting for HOURS... and Cindy, your favorite hot slut mechanic, is no where to be found! Where did she run of to? She's supposed to be fixing your car! Agitated, you snoop around the back to look for her... And what do you find? Cindy's bedroom. And what's in there? CINDY. Why that lazy --- but she has a suggestion. Since you BOTH aren't supposed to be back there... Maybe you two can exchange a secret to ensure no one finds out about any of this... Will you take her up on her offer? Video features THREE angles. Is 30 minutes long with each "scene" being longer than its solo video in the store. Scenes are: Masturbation (mostly centered around beautiful agony - the face is the most in focus), BlowJob (featuring surprise deep throating, sloppy messes, surprise swallowing load), and fucking (TWO positions - doggy and missionary