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Lustful Visit w/ Reagan Lush MOBILE

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Fuzzy Peach

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145 5.0
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I have had such a long day at work! I took a new bar tending job across town and its exhausting. My shift just ended and I'm on the way to see him now. I need to get some dick tonight and taste some cum! I got on tinder last week after my girlfriends talked me into it...didn't take much persuasion. I haven't been laid in over a month now! Its crazy! So the first two guys flaked on me and the last guy was a complete asshole needless to say he didn't get any from me! So this guy Jayson...we texted all weekend and even talked on the phone once. He said he was traveling through town and HAD to meet me before he leaves. We both know its just a hook up but whats wrong with that? I even asked him to send me a video of him jacking off and he came everywhere. I must have that cum all over my slutty face! I bet his pre cum taste amazing! I walk into this swanky hotel downtown and proceed to his room. He opens the door and invites me in. I explain I need to wash up and change. I seriously was so horny I was in a hurry to get here as soon as I could after work. He shows me the bathroom and I start to undress. I wash my legs, tits and pussy, I know its going to be good for him! I then dry off and put on some sexy red lingerie and white thigh highs. As I walk out of the bathroom I notice he has been peeping in! This horny pervert...I kinda like it! I LOVE being watched! Apparently he does too, his windows are open for the world to see as the room looks out toward other hotels and high rise buildings. Kinky...I'll give him points for that too! I walk over towards him and he tells me he loves my lingerie. I tell him I like it too and it will look a lot better on the floor by the bed. I strip down, first my bra, then my panties. I know I won't be needing them on any longer. I then move closer to my new horny friend, I get down on my knees and tell him I can't wait to taste him. I begin to suck his cock. I can taste him...all the way to the back of my throat! I play with my tits and my pussy. I'm getting so wet, I can't wait to feel his cock! I stand up and move closer to the bed. I ask him if he would like to join me and he nods yes. i think he is speechless after my bj skills. I take off my red high heels and strip off my thigh highs. He gets on the bed and lays down, I start to suck on the tip of his cock and I taste his pre cum. It taste so good. I want more! I then take his entire cock so I can feel it in the back of my throat. I tell him I am going to climb on top of his cock. I start to ride him reverse cowgirl and then switch to cowgirl. I moan from so much pleasure, I don't know how much more I can handle. I don't know how much more HE can handle either. I begin to blow him again and this time I know he is going to lose it. He blows his massive load way up in the air and on my lips and nose. I love his hot sticky cum, I'm going to need to wash up again before I leave. I hope he comes back to town soon! ***Also available in 1080 MP4