Freebie Tuesday

Dani Fattens Up Penny Part 2


Penny Lee

British / Brighton
7:15 min - Oct 15 - .MP4 - 1.06 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Custom...Penny has persuaded Dani to move up into the bedroom to distract her from the thought of fattening her up ready to eat her. Dani strips naked for her piggy. Dani climbs onto the bed ans starts to enjoy her fattening piggy. Penny starts to panic so she turns the attention onto her. Kissing her, kissing her large breast and caressing them however this does not distract Dani away from the thought of fattening up Penny so she decides to carrying on working her way down her body till she is inbetween her legs and licking her little pussy. Dani is moaning and enjoying it sooo much till she cums very hard. Penny prays this might change her mind from wanting to eat Penny. However the attention soon moves back to Penny and Dani just enjoys her very fat little piggy. Kissing and caressing her big breasts and round bloated belly talking about how good she is going to taste and that she just cannot wait to eat her...... PART 3 COMING SOOON