Richard Lifts Weights and Fucks Annie



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Welcome to the Richard Sutherland Sex Chronicles! Our sexy installment begins with the beautiful Annie Arbor in the kitchen. "We should go see what Richard is up to." She takes the camera outside to show off their backyard and that..I see a Beast! Oh it's Richard. He's lifting weights outside. "How's your Sunday going?" She asks. "Painful" he jokingly replies. lol. Richard is horny so he goes to his room. Annie is following him with the camera, focusing on his butt. Hahaha. Cut to Richard playing with Annie's melon tits while she strokes his big cock. They get on the bed and Annie starts sucking him. She is looking super hot in her black lingerie and high heels. Richard is super horny after that workout. He wants to FUCK. Annie gets on her back and Richard starts stroking her pussy deep with his big long cock. He's moving it in and out of her pussy in long deep thrusts. There's a funny blooper moment. Richard is fucking her good and then he suddenly starts to rub Annie's pussy. She's so sensitive she moans and her pussy squeezes Richard's cock out and lets out a large queef. I LOVE QUEEFING! Okay let me calm down. Richard starts rubbing her pussy and says, "I still thought that was sexy." Annie laughs and says, "Thanks babe." He starts fucking her some more. His cock is long and strong and her pussy is nice and tight. Richard gets on his back. Annie is sucking him with her ass to the camera. Then she gets on his big cock and starts riding it. She's bouncing up and down on his big cock. Ass to camera. Then she leans forward so Richard can thrusts up into her fast and hard. He flips her on her back and starts fucking her missionary. Then they do doggystyle. Annie's big apple bottom is bouncing on Richard's hips as he's fucking her good. He pushes her forward on the bed. Her ass is in the air. He's plowing her pussy with his big stick. Cut to Annie sucking him...oops! Video glitch. lol. Okay we're back to fucking. Richard is fucking Annie missionary hard. He pulls out and cums all over her face and in her mouth. Woohoo! Nothing like a nice post workout Richard and Annie fuck session