Halloween Foot JOI CEI


Cazzy Kush

American / USA
20:53 min - Oct 17 - .M4V - 508.94 MB


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My coven has finally agreed to allow me to cast my spell upon the men of planet earth this Halloween. A spell of this magnitude is forbidden however the actions of men over the past 3 decades has become so atrocious that a reset is now desperately needed. I will need a few things of course to complete my spell and I need them from YOU! As an eager foot slut you are and of course a horny little fuck I have chosen you to give me the ingredients needed. You will listen and obey my every command and fall under my spell becoming my puppet! I need ALL of your semen on my perfect feet in order to make the men of planet Earth become subservient to all of the women and do as we say from here on out. If you are unable to produce enough semen for my potion then I will make you eat up every last little tadpole of yours off of my feet and milk you until I have enough