Mom Fucks Converse shoe fetish

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477 5.0
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gzero773 Oct 16 2017
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If you have a fetish for chucks like I do, this video is a must have video.

ScarlettHarlott Oct 17 2017

gzero773 Thank you for the great review :x

Mom fucks her Chucks! Yes, it's a fuckin shoe fetish! Mom loves her classic black and white Converse tennis shoes. Mom calls them "Chucks", probably because it rhymes with fucks. You know Mom, she enjoys fucking and fetishes. Grabbing her Chucks, her mouth expresses the love she has for the sneakers. Sweet shoe kisses with teasing tennis shoes shoe licks. You may ask why? Why, because it's a shoe fetish! And because Mom fucking wants to... Shoes are dirty, so Mom can kiss and lick anything she wants. Mom says it's okay. (Keep it kinky, but keep it legal unless you want to be a prison bitch) Mom loves to talk dirty, as a good Mom should. Mom takes her pussy on a walk. Pussy kickin it with Chuck. Watch out! Slippery when wet. Moms pussy squirt got the floor and Chuck all fucking wet. The Chucks are now well used, just like a street walking whore. Special note to the foot or shoe fetishist The Mom Magik CumChucks are avaliable For Purchase Shoe size USA Size 7 and scented with Scarlet sweaty sweetness. Imagine your cock sliding into MomCumChucks Do not deny your fetish. Cum, walk with Mom on the kinky side