For The Love of Sneakers

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gzero773 Oct 16
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If you have a fetish for chucks like I do, this video is a must have video.

gzero773 Thank you for the great review :x

A custom video just for you. A video filmedembracing the love of sneakers. I love my Chucks, many call them Converse, some simply call them sneakers. My Chucks so very special for they are worn by me. Sexy snakers you know you love them. Watching me as I like them, kiss them and geeting quite personal. As I rub themon my wet puusy. You watching geeting so excited, I'll let you play with them too, and in the ended after I soak them in my pussy squirt you will take them a cum all over them too making my Chucks so very special with our cum. The love of sneakers never looked tasted or amde ver so nauty and erotic. Embrace the snaeker fetish. I adore this video made for you, sucre to please you as we embrace the fetish. xx