Get in my Belly



American / Atlanta, GA
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I went to the mall and bought this really nifty device. A shrink ray! The guy that sold it to me said it would shrink you down! I ZAP you and down you shrink. Smaller and Smaller. I can tell you're very scared. You're so tiny down by my feet. I tease and taunt you that I am going to step on you. I then pick you and reveal that I have been mad at you and I am now going to eat you. Swallow you whole. You feel so good in my belly. The most delicious meal I have eaten! Suddenly I get a call from the store that sold me the device and he advises me that whatever I shrink will be temporary! Oh Geez! My belly is now HUGE! You've expanded my belly SO much. I look 9 months pregnant! I start really enjoying how you feel inside of me. I rub my belly and talk about you deep within my body. I am now a big giant that is going to take over you and everyone you know. I am going to eat everything that I can get my hands on! You've created a monster