Brainwashed By My Feet


Alyssa Reece

Canadian / Vancouver
8:51 min - Oct 15 - .MP4 - 1.25 GB


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You got so excited, as soon as you saw a new foot clip, you had to buy it. Watching Me rub lotion all over My sexy feet makes you so weak. You always fall for My foot worship clips, it's like you need to be brainwashed by My perfect feet. My feet can make you do anything. I love controlling you with My feet, making you into a slave for them. You know you're addicted to My feet. You turn into a robot as soon as you start watching any of My foot clips, mesmerized, weak, and so turned on by My feet. Imagine being stepped on all over by My perfect feet, stepping on your face, kicking you right in the balls, haha. You feel your mind melting as you continue to stare helplessly at My soft soles and perfect toes