ASMR A topless tickling scalp massage



Spanish / Spain
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Welcome to Angie´s Paradise, darling, take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Now let your mind go blank, relax and think about nothing. This is our moment. We are just you and me face to face and nobody will interrupt or bother us. I am going to give you a delicious scalp massage with the tip of my fingers... ummmm an amazing, ticking scalp massage starting at your nape and covering all your head. My fingers will caress every spot under your hair, even will play with them, and also behind your ears, you will be amazed by its extra sensibility. While I am giving you this sensational massage, I will whisper you so softy, looking straight at your eyes and smiling sweetly just before your eyes. I will also get close to your ear and breath in deeply to make your brain and skin shudder with pleasure. This is so fucking amazing, my gorgeous face and my hot natural boobs slightly bounce while I am massaging your scalp. You even can enjoy my beautiful arms and armfits spread out over your head. Such a wonderful hot view, B***! You will never want this pleasant moment to end! This is an originally custom clip where the client´s name is used some times. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: apart from being a visual annimal, your ears are also extremely receptive. HIGHLIGHTED: so many sensual stimulus to miss this great asmr experience. Don´t forget your headphones! INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW