Freebie Tuesday

Blackmail Betty



American / Las Vegas
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Well well well.. Look who decided to show up. I think it's hilarious that you think I run on YOUR schedule. Running your own business is hard as fuck and I don't have time for lying, cheating sacks of like you. I want to make sure I have all your contact information right. As well as your wifes. You must take me for a toal idiot. Just because I do what I do, doesn't mean that I condone cheating. I am fine with a don't ask, don't tell situation and I don't do drama. When I clean up and get ready for my next client, I go to get a new pair of panties and come across your wedding ring. So as you can tell, we have a bit of a situation here. I could give it back and prentend that it didn't happen or I could just keep it. Why didn't you keep it on your person? Why did you leave it where you left it? Are you trying to get caught? I can make that happen but it will cost you. It will actually cost you either way. If you want it back, or if you want to get caught. I can call your wife right now and expose you, it wouldn't be that hard to deal with her. It would be hard for you to deal with when all your accounts are frozen, you're on the streets and alone. If you think I am dumb enough to not have a camera rollling at all times, you are far more gone than I first thought. I would say that this ring is about a 12, so I think 1200 should cover it for me to consider not telling your wife. I know you have money. You see me at least twice a week and I see your multiple luxury cars. Just make this easy on everyone and pull out your wallet, you'll need to make sure it is nice and full