Silence is Golden. DUCT Tape is Silver



American / Las Vegas
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I am shocked that you are even here. My level of suprise doesn't go very far with you. I have you figured out already, which is very boring. But here is where my shock comes in. You have the nerve to open your fat little greasy mouth. You spew poison to the goddesses of the world. You use social media platforms, you even get brave enough to try it in real life at grocery stores, banks and parties. It actually seems like you think we give a fuck about what you have to say. It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings.. Silence is golden, but unfortunately for you, duct tape is silver. So to perform a humanitarian act for all the women of the world, I am going to permantantely shut your mouth. If you had some proper things to say and didn't sound as if you were stuck in elementary school, I may have some interest in you. Integrity, pizzazz, imagination. You have none of those things. All you do is cry and whine. I want to stuff your mouth full of bullshit and seal it up. It will take a lot of duct tape, and you will have to pay for that. Think of it as a self healing practice when you go get all the industrial grade duct tape you can fit into a cart. You will be judged by strangers, silently mocking you and thanking me. It will feel so good to wrap this tape around your scrawny little face