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Fetish Friday

Girl on Girl on Girl HOM Tutorial



American / Las Vegas
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Mishka has a problem. Her boyfriend has divulged that he has a fetish called HOM. Mishka has no idea what he is talking about so she confides in her bestie Sablique. A seasoned dominatrix and fetish specialist, Sablique quickly hears Mishka's plea and calls her faithful friend Fae over for a little demonstration. Sablique shows Mishka exactly what she needs to do to her boyfriend and how to do it so that he can't breathe at all. Sablique suggests that Mishka use the HOM tactic whenever he runs his mouth a little too much. But in reality, that would mean she would have to have her hand on his mouth permanently. Fae becomes light headed but admits to enjoying the tutorial. After a few demonstrations, Mishka asks Fae to join her for some practice at her place. While the two ladies giggle their way to more private HOM, Sablique sits and enjoys the corruption of yet another beauty and her beast