Do you like watching me pleasure myself

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After I'm done painting my nails, I sit in my desk chair leaned back while you watch standing from above. You can't help but just stand and watch while I start to flirt with you. I show off my hairy legs and my feet, with freshly painted pink toes, and then my hairy, pierced, pussy. I start to tease my clit for you and begin to moan softly. Then I get my right breast out so I can tease my nipple. I slide two fingers into my pussy easily, and tease my pierced clit. Then I get out my vibrator and rock my hips into it while I tease my clit. You can hear it vibrate my clit ring, and I love how that feels! But I don't want to cum yet! I start playing with the skinny end of my glass dildo and slowly tease my pussy. At about 6 minutes in I get so turned on I have to describe to you how good it feels. I begin to taunt you while I pleasure myself. I love talking dirty to you, it turns me on even more! Then I grab my vibrator again and use the large end of my glass dildo to make my pussy feel really full. I lift my feet up and rock my hips and my eyes roll back, while I fuck myself with the ball end of my dildo. I cum so long and hard. Every furry inch of me is in frame in this video. Please enjoy, I certainly did