Dry Ice Foot Fun Janira Wolfe + Reya Fet



American / Atlanta
8:18 min - Oct 16 - .MP4 - 548.64 MB


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Janira Wolfe and Reya Fet discover the fun of putting dry ice in a pot of water. It creates smoke similar to a witch's cauldron! The sexy fetish girls squeal with delight and start dangling their bare feet over the fog. This video has a very REAL behind-the-scenes type of feel with Reya and Janira just bein' their cute selves. The smoke boils over the pot and covers the floor and the girls play in it with their feet and hands and marvel at how fun it is! See nice closeups of their four feet feeling the dry ice smoke; it feels so good! Don't you wish you could worship their dry ice foggy feet? Oh, I bet you do