The Itsy Bitsy Loser



American / Las Vegas
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Look at you.. Take a good look at yourself. Such a pethetic excuse for a man. You simply don't stack up to my long slender self and you never truly will. You're supposed to be a big strong man, but I can't take you seriously. Everthing about you is so itty bitty. My hands are bigger than your entire face! What do you think you can accomplish with those pewny little paws? You couldn't even grope a fraction of my lovely ass with those tiny things! I know you have some dirty secrets and I can prove it when your little prick gets rock hard at the sight of my long middle finger. As I vape and blow thick clouds into your pathetic face, you remind me of a little puff of smoke yourself. Let's see what else you might have to offer.. Can you measure up to my 42 inch legs in anyway? I think not loser! How about one of my lovely 29 inch arms? HA! I doubt you have 29 inches of anything you fucking shrimp! Your stature is not only pathetic, it's disturbing. I could crush your face with one drop of my lovely behind. Maybe you should take your sorry ass to the gym once in a while. You may be able to gain a quarter inch and that would do a lot for you. You need to come to terms with your sorry self and if you don't, you have truly become totally useless. That means that I should just crush you with my big foot, on the other hand.. I am sure I have a fly swatter lying around somewhere. Now, one last thing before I completely crush your ego.. Let's take a little measurement and see where you stack up... I stand at a lucious 73 inches and you... HA!!!!! Don't make me laugh! You're small enough to cradle like a baby or even take onto a plane as a carry on. There's just one problem with that.. I DON'T CARE ABOUT LITTLE PILES OF LIKE YOU!!!!! I suggest you and your tiny little hands, bird chest and flimsy little legs fuck off and don't come back until you have somehow made up for your heinous height issues