FTM Nighttime Risky Balcony Finger Fuck



Venezuelan / Maryland
9:32 min - Oct 16 - .MOV - 223.65 MB


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Watch me go out on my friends second floor balcony to have a cigarette. But I’ve been so horny all evening, I decide on a whim to pull my pants down and start rubbing and tugging my thick FTM cock. But I am craving something inside my boy pussy, so I hop up on the edge of the balcony and spread my legs wide finger fucking myself as I continue to rub my hard little cock! I try to keep quiet throughout since I don’t want to get caught fucking myself on her balcony, but end in a very explosive, vocal orgasm. Tags: F2M, queer, transman, bigclit, queerboy, gayftm, ftm bottom, exhibition, exhibitionist, public nudity, risky, nature, night, outside masturbation, hairy