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This is another one of my real life unscripted hotwife sexcapades. Typical Saturday night in Las Vegas just hanging out at a lounge and I meet this BBC that was in Vegas gambling. We flirted a bit and I could literally see his black dick getting hard through his pants as I literally groped him at the As usual I had to explain that I am a hotwife and that he could take me to his room and fuck me if I could record it and he said yes BUT I must allow him to record me a little as well so that he can send to his friends back home and show them the "Jackpot" that he had won for the night. It turned me on so we went to his room and WOW!!! He had the hardest dick I've ever fucked, made me scream the loudest I've ever screamed and kept his dick hard until I couldn't go anymore! I thought I was going to be able to handle my husband and him at the same time so I started off by sucking my husband's dick as I stroked his and he recorded me a bit but once he started fucking me I knew he would definitely need my undivided I love being a hotwife. Watch the preview! The next Real Sex is cuming soon, REAL SOON