Erin and Helen do Gymnastic Exercises


Maja Magic

German / Bigtittywonderland
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These Romanian girls are real sisters and just adorable. Helen is 22 years of age with beautiful very long dark hair, a self-confident young lady, sweet as heaven and hot as hell. Her little sister Erin is 21 years old, a blond angel with an overwhelming smile and stunning beauty. Both of them are blessed with fresh faces, gorgeous young bodies and amazing huge natural boobs. We met Helen and Erin in Bucharest and just loved to see them acclimating to the shooting, showing themselves naturally with genuine joy and dedication. Two brightly shining stars are rising. Erin in a sexy bright pink and Helen in a hot blue and green sports outfit are jogging and jumping, making their beautiful big natural tits bounce the hard way. No hands to support these young heavy breasts when they are thrown up and down, first covered in elastic sports bras, topless later. Another great clip to demonstrate, why very busty babes normally don’t run and jump voluntarily, unless they do it for their happy fans