Bubble Gum Blowing Bubbles and Popping

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nella95 Oct 18 2017


Hot blonde Brittany Lynn is just lounging around chewing on some bubble gum. She chomps away at the pink colored bubble gum and is softening it up because she wants to blow some bubbles. Soon enough she is doing just that and her first bubble forms and she quickly sucks back in which has the bubble gum making a loud snapping and popping sound. She continues to chew on the bubble gum getting it softer and softer by the warm saliva in her mouth. She then blows bubbles and pops them repeatedly. Sometimes the bubbles create a double popping and snapping sound and other times they pop as the burst as she is blowing them, which sees the bubble gum stick to her lips a bit. The bubble gum chewing and bubble blowing is then show in a more close-up fashion. Brittany Lynn turns her head to the side a couple times to give great views of her blowing bubbles. She continues to repeat the bubble blowing and the bubble gum chewing and continues to vary the way in which she pops the bubbles. The view gets even closer for some more bubble gum chewing with bubble blowing and popping. Brittany Lynn loves her bubble gum and she loves blowing bubbles with it, knowing the bubbles get bigger and better as the bubble gum gets softer and wetter. Included in this clip: Bubble Gum, Gum, Bubble Blowing, Blowing Bubbles, Bubble Popping, Popping Bubbles, Chewing, Mouth Fetish, Lips, Snapping Bubbles, Short Hair, Hot Blondes, Blondes, Brittany Lynn