Groupie Fucks Her Ass For You

46 5.0

Eliza Bathory

American / Vegas
46 5.0
10:41 min - Oct 16 - .MP4 - 1.08 GB - 1440x1080 HD


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MetalCelt - Top reviewer Dec 22
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Good roleplay with a very sexy voice. The expressions of pleasure on her face as she plugs her ass with progressively bigger toys are beautiful. There's also a great haunting soundtrack playing in the backgrond.

BrokenMind Nov 20 2017
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Very cool and fun fantasy scenario. Wish I was in a band!

JasperTheGreen Nov 8 2017
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Wow. This video lived up to my expectations and then some. As an ass man myself, I could not wait to see this, and I was definitely not disappointed. With over ten minutes of some of the hottest anal action I have seen, this ranks as one of my favorite videos of all time. The tantalizing view throughout the entire video, alone, would have been enough, but when combined with Eliza's seductive and mischievous smiles, laced between moans of pure ecstasy; every action intensified within the depths of her eyes, inviting and capturing your very soul, she taking you someplace you never want to leave. This is a video I will happily watch again and again.

b666b666 Nov 2 2017
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I knew I should have kept use those guitar lessons.

2017 XXX ... "You are approached by a hot young groupie after your show. It doesn't take long, with this hot little slut rubbing herself against you, to give in to her pleas to go home with her. She is squirming with sexual energy as she lets you in on a little secret ... She tells you she has been wearing a plug the entire time she watched you up on stage, describing in detail how your music sent tremors of pleasure throughout her body as your band played. She proves it to you once you're alone, showing her appreciation for you with toy after toy, each bigger than the last." ... XXX . Three different toys are used in this video, resulting in one of the best videos I have ever made, and hands down, THE BEST anal vid I have so far. I hope you enjoy watching it, as much as I did making it! - Eliza