Fetish Friday

Supervillain will destroy you and world



Your dreams
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Your first question to me was "When I turned super on my own, would I hunt you... down? Or just forget about you?" How can I forget about you... dont you worry my silly little loser... I would hunt you down for sure! Look at me! I am the most powerfull and the most beautifull Goddess in this fucking world! You are all fucking bugs compared to me! And i'll squash you as, and how I want to! I'll never be good.. all I want is to watch this world burn.. and to be worshipped as the Goddess I am.. First i want to tell you my cruel plans and i will show you my Super abilities! I want to crush all cities with all peoples here! Only this Goddess will do all that, and so much more. And I will demonstrate my unbelievable abilities at every opportunity. My Air strikes would prove totally ineffective against this beautiful yet deadly enemy. Pleas for negotiations will fall deaf on immaculate ears. You.. .. will never forget.. if you're lucky enough to still be in one piece. Their armies cannot hurt me. But how I can hurt them! I could stop an enormous tank mid charge.. with just one delicate hand and then calmly tear it in half down its length as if it were made of thin paper... before crushing the men who had been inside beneath the two halves of the destroyed vehicle. I could stroll through a squadron of infantrymen, my long arms flashing out to either side, each movement claiming a life. Decapitating men.. ripped gaping holes right through their chests, bellies or faces - I would even throw some of them dozens of yards into the air. A few I would kick, causing their bodies to explode with gore or occasionally to fly off towards the horizon. Then there would be footage of me emerging unaffected from a dense cloud of deadly nerve gas, stepping disinterestedly on the bodies of countless soldiers who had succumbed to the poison, the lethal chemical not even causing the tiniest blemish on my flawless skin. Millions upon millions of men will attempt to stop me using every weapon in existence. But this lone, unarmed, beautiful Goddess will defeat them all. And now what about you .... I will tell you my little loser all my cruel plans about your life! You will sorry that you are was born! But it is so good to be crushed by ME