Marilyn's Semen Shower



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PROLONGED COCK TEASING AND EDGING RESULTS IN... MASSIVE MASSIVE SEMEN SHOWER!! It was "Cock Tease Tuesday" at I had this moronic asshole taped to my desk...and decided to tease his cock, with prolonged edging. I even put his cock on a leash, and take it for a walk while I talk on the phone with my girlfriend. I stroke frustratingly slow...while he begs for release. I punish his cock with a hard spanking....and after a long, torturous session of edging...I decide to grant him release. The catch is, however...I will ONLY stroke slowly...making him struggle and fight for an orgasm!! The result? 15 long seconds of non-stop cum spurting!!! The blasts were too numerous to count. He was too loud during the I made him eat his semen