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LOSER MANTRA 8 Shrunk to Size Ft Sarah D


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
11:44 min - Oct 16 - .MP4 - 970.15 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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LOSER MANTRA PART 8 FEATURING Sarah DiAvola - First, We calm you down, you think of your lungs as 3 chambers breathing as We purr in your ear... "I'm a loser" ... that's your heart talking... "I'm a loser" ... Sarah & Salem mesmerize you, shrink you down to size. Inhale & exhale. Repeat the words, "I am a loser." Stare at your Goddesses while We humiliate you, remind you how safe you are here because We already know how much of a loser you are. Free to be pathetic. Embrace it, accept it. Sarah & Salem guide you through breathing & the loser mantra, keeping you focused. Feel yourself becoming smaller before Our immense presence. It feels sooo good to be Our loser. We know what you need, We tease you & toy with you, swallow your patheticness. Look up at Us, worship Our long legs, perfect feet... Fall under the spell of Our voices, melting your mind, you are so relaxed on your knees before Us, loser... Sarah guides your breathing while Salem whispers the mantra- breathe in everything that makes you a fake man & breathe it all out- you are free now- We reveal the real you, the real LOSER!!! Show Us your true self, soft & weak. This loser mantra will save you. We will save you. Continue embracing this, swallow your pride. Become smaller & smaller, pathetic dog, Sarah insults you while Salem whispers the mantra degrading you & keeping you centered... We watch as you breathe for Us, follow Our directions, place a spell over you, We cast a powerful guided breathing & meditation spell to trap you within your safe loser space beneath Us... now you are a tiny thing, a mesmerized loser locked in Our cage, so tiny & small, trapped little pet. What a lucky lucky loser to be added to Our collection