Worship At The Feet Of A Goddess


Lara Kane

10:03 min - Oct 16 - .MP4 - 328.95 MB


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lt;b>Shot in 1920/1080 HD</b> <br> You are so lucky to be given this opportunity to worship my goddess feet. This is where you belong, loser. Staring up at my pink soft soles. Isn’t it as glorious as you imagined... you have been begging for this chance but I never allowed to near my perfect feet until you gave in and gave me what I wanted. It was so stupid of you to think you could resist me. Getting to watch these toes wiggle is worth every $$$ I drained from you. Now, get closer loser. I want you to worship these feet so close you can taste the sweat between my toes. I know you’ll love it and be begging me for more