Fattening Up Hansel



American / Hogwarts
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A wicked retelling of one of my favorite fairy tales for Halloween… You and your sister, Gretel, have a secret. You want someone to fatten you up, someone who will stuff you full of food until you’re bloated, so fat until you can hardly move. So when you find an ad online from a woman who wants a fatty or two to feed and fuck, you’re ecstatic. Too bad you weren’t more careful before you responded. The first thing I did was send Gretel home—I’m only interested in fat boys—and the next was to chain you up. You’re mine now, you scrumptious-looking thing. See, I’m trying to fatten up too, and the typical food stuffs aren’t doing it fast enough. I need more. I need all the calories you’ve got on that obese body. First, though, I want to see if I can pack even more meat on your bones