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Playboy Bunny Trick or Treat



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You come to the door, expecting trick or treaters but a sexy babe in a Playboy bunny costume is there instead. There is a huge rainstorm going on so you let her in. Her tits are practically hanging out, and her skirt is so short you can see the tops of her fishnet stockings, she's wearing a garter belt. You're happy your wife isn't home, and your cock starts to harden. The rain pours outside and she asks if she can shelter there for a little while until it calms down...of course she can. She shows off her costume, seeing you're admiring it. You tell her she looks like a stripper and she gets a little annoyed, but playfully puts on a retro song, asking if you want a dance. Of course you agree, and you're transfixed as she coquettishly moves her body, showing off killer curves. She laughs as she spots your boner and invites you to jerk off, as long as you don't touch! You go along with the game, hoping for more. You can't believe your luck as she presses her cleavage to your face, and bends over, shaking her bunny tail. This whore isn't wearing panties! You're sure you're going to get some. She even grinds her ass on your're about to blow...she bends over and puts on another song, leaving you aching, but enjoying the view. She comes back, and this time really starts her big ass grinding on your dick. Your nuts swell, you let her do the work, even feeling her wet pussy grazing your're about to blow again, and suddenly she stands up, says, did you hear that? The rain stopped. She flips you off, leaving you will blue balls and a dripping, ruined orgasm