Schoolgirl Loses Virginity to Dragons

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American / Kalos
469 5.0
41:03 min - Dec 08 - .MP4 - 1.58 GB - 854x480


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Napolean89 - Top reviewer Jul 17
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all this girls videos are fire. super fucking cute babe

Wellhung559 Oct 26 2017
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F**k this video is such a turn on, the way she takes those dragons like damn.

RevyLagoon deleted Oct 25 2017
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Recently been having a fetish for girls getting stretched by these massive dragon dildos and this video satisfies it so well! Delphoxi's amazingly cute yet kinky role play with the dragons is incredible and a joy to watch. I can't believe how well she takes them in that pretty pink pussy and the cream pies! Oh the cream pies! Love you Delphoxi, hope to see more dragon dildo fun soon!

Delphoxi Oct 26 2017

Wow have thank you so much!

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Oct 17 2017
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OMG Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets start with the school girl costume. its made for this hot little fox :) Add to that 3 successively larger Bad Dragon toys and you have a very hot video
This is truly her hottest video to date. Once again she 's taken my custom idea and made it even hotter. So cute, so sexy, and hearing her talking dirty is like wow.
She takes each larger toy Nox, Nova, and then moving up to Stan. Stan is huge for this petite little Fox but she manages to take more and more of him.
I dare you to even make it past the first half of this video. Exercise your self control !
I think Foxi needs to visit the Dragons again soon but in the meantime you have to get this video.

If I could I would give this a 5X5

I've never been the kind of girl to have fantasies about princes. I'm don't have typical Knight in shining armor fantasies. I have always much preferred the thought of being the princess that is taken and fucked by dragons. As I'm reading one of my favorite fairy tales I drift off to dream land. I wake on top a mountain and there's dragons flying above me. One of them approaches me and I can't believe what's happening. I offer myself to the dragon and tell him I've always wanted to lose my virginity to a massive dragon! He has his way with tight virgin pussy and then invites his dragon friends to come do the same
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