Tillie's First Plug

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1,724 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Oct 20 2017
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Adventurous Lydia explores her very naked body in pursuit of increased pleasure.
Which road Is her pathway to nirvana? Maybe all three at the same time. When her lips drop open and her breathing goes suddenly deeper, her fingers come to assist and lovely Lydia cums like a quivering branch on the tree of self love....twice! Lydia's passionate face is nearly always visible in this well framed video and you will love watching her cum!

firechips Oct 22 2017
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Lyddi shows off once again just how hot she can sex up a set of toys. Lyddi starts with a great view of her ass and thighs after she plugs in the anal toy, then changes position to show off her gorgeous pussy as she fingers, then gets her fav dildo out and works herself into orgasms. Smoking hot, you will want to add this one.

redwing2178 deleted Oct 19 2017
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She is truly amazing!!!

This was a custom video! I'm new to anal play, but the feeling of my tiny new buttplug inside me feels so good that I bring myself to orgasm TWICE :O It was a little difficult to insert at first, but after a while I'm able to fuck myself with the plug and my favourite dildo at the same time