Trapped for Good

282 5.0

Mercy West

American / Portland
282 5.0
12:33 min - Oct 17 - .WMV - 559.39 MB


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Professor_Oni Oct 29 2017

This is Sooo good!  Thank you for making such psychologically sophisticated porn. My cerebrum is as hard as my cock.

Professor_Oni Nov 8 2017
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Fantastic psychologically engaging film. Sexy, visceral and perfect for a mean guy who like to see pretty girls in fear.

This is not how Mercy expected to spend Halloween. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone home with that guy, but jeez! He seemed alright. Not the kind of crazy creeper who’d lock her in his dirty fireplace, leave her alone, then remove the grate to get his creep-boner on while he watches her. Mercy cries, begs, speaks kindly, and displays her lovely bush. It’s all for naught. She ends where she begins: Trapped for good in the dirty hole of a fireplace. CUSTOMER REVIEW: "This is sooooo good. Thanks for making such psychologically sophisticated porn!&quot