Custom: Sister Fucks Hair Brush Taboo

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Jessica Starling

Maltese / Ontario, Canada
893 5.0
21:09 min - Nov 08 - .MP4 - 1.07 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Nov 9 2017
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Very kinky role-playing, and acted very well. Do I even need to say that Jessica looked fantastic and sexy. A must have if you're into taboo role play and even if you are not, just watching her strip and use the hair brush is hot.

Video uses the name Peter throughout. ** "So I'm thinking the video can begin with you on the couch wearing jeans, your purple thong and like a tank top or something. We're watching the movie togeather when something inapropriate comes up. You try to fast forward but I tell you not to. You reluctantly agree as you know that our parents wouldn't want us watching this. However, deep down you are a very naughty girl. You begin to tease me and say that I probably don't even know whats going on, that I'v probably never even seen a real girl naked before. It somehow gets to the point where I ask if you could show me then. Of course, you are say no at first, but you slowely warm up to the idea. You first remove your top and show me your breasts. You ask if i'm satisfied yet, and of course I want to see your butt too. You've cought me stairing at it before, so you know I want to see it. You tease me a bit before you slowely pull down your jeans. You ask if i'm happy now, but I still want to see whats under your panties. It's at this time that you notice I have a boner. Maybe you laugh at me or something lol. You tell me to stay put as you as you go to retreave your favorite toy, your hairbrush. You start to rub your pussy through your panties before you move them to the side and begin to fuck yourself with the brush. After a bit of playing you agree to give me a quick blow job, but that's it. You still need to get off, so you return to fucking your hairbrush. I'd love to see you lick the cream off of the brush too" | Tags: big tits, big boobs, brunette, long hair, taboo, role play, blowjob, brother/sister, hair brush, odd insertions, fucking, orgasms, masturbation