New Slave Thigh High Sock Worship


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
10:35 min - Oct 17 - .MP4 - 764.89 MB


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Olivia Rose is testing out a brand new foot slave. He has wanted to worship Olivia for months, and she has finally given him an opportunity, but he has to worship her worn thigh thigh high socks. If he can pass this test she might just keep him. He starts worshiping her soles, licking every inch of her feet in the socks. Olivia starts to notice how he is actually doing a fairly decent job for a novice, and has him lay down to worship so she can stick them on his face. She looks over and notices he has the biggest boner for her feet! He keeps trying to even adjust himself, but her feet just turn him on so much he can't help it. Olivia then slides off her socks and starts controlling his breath and shoving them down his throat. She thinks this was a great first encounter, but she doesn't want him to be too turned on, so she walks off and lets him calm down after her smooth sexy soles were all over his face and in his mouth